Ojai a Spiritual TourSpiritual Tours of Ojai is one of a few programs offered by Peaceful Self Programs. In addition to tours we offer customized Peaceful Self Retreats, spiritual counseling that focuses on the Peaceful Self Process, online mini-retreat courses, and private one-on-one yoga sessions. Our tours grew out of Dr. Lisa Love’s (our founder) love of Ojai and the spiritual sites we visit. Some of these sites Dr. Lisa Love has even been connected with for decades. Due to her interest and love of the spiritual sites we visit, Dr. Lisa Love wrote a book called Ojai: A Spiritual Journey, which now is available only to people who take our tours. Having experienced the special spiritual nature of these sites in Ojai, we are now thrilled to share our understanding of these sites to you.


Lisa2016CloseUpDr Lisa Love is a counselor and the owner of Peaceful Self Programs which leads people on Peaceful Self Retreats locally here in Ojai and virtually in other areas.She has been coming to the Ojai Valley and its sacred sites since the 1980’s and decided to make Ojai her home in 2008. Her background is in Marriage, Family, Child Therapy with other degrees in Transpersonal Psychology and Spiritual Psychology. She was trained in Psychosynthesis, and has a background in Comparative Religions. She is an author of numerous books including her best-seller Beyond the Secret (over 40,000 copies sold), Take Back Your Life and Love Yourself, Feeling Good and Living Great, Attracting Real Love and Meditation the Path to Peace. Her most recent book written for this tour is called Ojai – A Spiritual Journey. 

dana9Dana Karpain is a minister and yoga instructor who has practiced yoga for over 30 years. For twenty years he spent time living in spiritual community helping to establish Yogaville. A native California boy, Dana left Yogaville to return back home settling at first in Santa Cruz and then back in the Santa Barbara area, where he still works helping to run the spiritual conference and retreat center La Casa de Maria. He moved to Ojai in 2011 and loves it here. Dana is also an artist. His art can be seen on public display in Ventura at the Coast Plaza Hotel Gallery. His most recent artistic endeavor is called Painted Prayers, which are comprised of a series of yantras, or sacred geometry that is said to help one tune into specific spiritual vibrations.

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