Take a Sacred Journey

OJAI heaven's perchDo more than go on a tour. Take a sacred journey. Our tours allow you to focus on either the sacred land or sacred wisdom that is unique to Ojai.

The Sacred Land Journey takes you to three of the more remote spiritual centers here allowing you to focus on the natural beauty of Ojai so you can see for yourself why it has often been called Shangri-La. You will also be led through a series of easy meditative exercises to help you attune your body, emotions, and mind to the beauty around you.

The Sacred Wisdom Journey helps you understand how Ojai came to be known as a spiritual community by taking you to three spiritual centers located here that greatly influenced this beautiful town. While visiting these sacred sites you will go through a series of meditative experiences allowing you to feel more centered and at peace. This tour also includes a brief discussion of some of Ojai’s smaller spiritual centers as we pass by them, allowing you to consider visiting them at another time on your own.

Both tours include a tour guide book created exclusively for those who go on our sacred journeys that you can enjoy and take home.

Go to TOUR INFO to learn about the spiritual centers listed below.